Nick Srnicek on platform coops [...]

Nick Srnicek spoke at Newspeak House with Michael Roberts on the topic of technology, capitalism, and class. 

We were encouraged to think about whether ‘full unemployment’ is desirable; how we could change the over zealous importance given to work ethic; and what technologies we should promote to bring about a post-work world.  

As I’ve been reading about platform co-ops lately, I was interested to get Nick Srnicek’s view on if and how they could help being a post work world.  

Paraphrasing, I would say Nick’s answer was. I like them, I support them, but I don’t think they will achieve much in the struggle against capitalism.  The main reason for this being the massive companies already dominating the platform space with huge financial backing.

Interesting to hear  those views, and I look forward to reading Nick’s new book Platform Capitalism.

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