Why Ansible? [...]

Ansible automates server provisioning. You give it provisioning ‘playbooks’ and it executes it all over SSH to your remote host. This article gives an overview of how to provision a server with a WordPress app installed on a digitalocean droplet.

Ansible is an automation tool for provisioning, application deployment, and configuration management. Gone are the days of SSH’ing into your server to run a command or hacking together bash scripts to semi-automate laborious tasks. Whether you’re managing a single server or an entire fleet, Ansible can not only simplify the process, but save you time. So what makes Ansible so great?

Ansible is completely agent-less, meaning you don’t have to install any software on your managed hosts. All commands are run through Ansible via SSH and if Ansible needs updating you only need to update your single control machine.

Commands you execute via Ansible are idempotent, allowing you to safely run them multiple times without anything being changed, unless required. Need to ensure Nginx is installed on all hosts? Just run the command and Ansible will ensure only those that are missing the software will install it. All other hosts will remain untouched. (Source)

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